friday’s favorites


My favorite things this week…


the kids went to school with new supplies…so why not treat myself to some fun, new desk accessories (click here for details)


a blinged-out locker…wallpaper, chandelier, carpet, magnets, and a mirror


because why wouldn’t you (found at Hobby Lobby)


for the cacti-loving girl at my house


love this retro pink typewriter and accessories for craft projects (click here for details)

Happy weekend!


flower crowns


Grace turned 16 this week…sweet sixteen!  Such a fun milestone birthday, so of course we have a special celebration planned this weekend.  I’ll be sharing a blog post about the actual party soon, so check back for ALL the details.

Without revealing too much about the theme of the party (we want some surprises for her guests, after all), I am sharing a DIY for some flower crowns that were created for her party.


The following supplies are needed to create these…

  • 18 gauge floral wire
  • 24 gauge floral wire
  • floral tape
  • silk flowers
  • wire cutters


First, cut two 18 inch lengths of the heavy gauge wire.  Twist them together to form a circle.  Test it to make sure it rests comfortably on your head.  It should be a little loose, as you’ll be adding flowers.  Adjust it by twisting the wires closer or farther apart.


To avoid the wire poking your head, wrap the twisted part of the wire with floral tape.



Next, take one of the silk flower blooms.  Cut off most of the stem, leaving enough to secure it to the wire circle.  Attach the flower to the circle by wrapping a piece of the lighter gauge wire around the base of the flower.




Once the flower is secured to the wire, wrap the stem in floral tape to prevent wires from sticking out.



Continue adding flowers to the wire circle until it is as full of blooms as you wish.



What I love about this DIY is that each one is different and unique…no two flower crowns are alike!


I’m so excited for her sweet sixteen party!

Of course I am, you know how I love to plan a party…




college send off


Well, it’s official…my oldest daughter is a college student!  We ALL survived the college move in day last week.  Just a few tears were shed…and not all by me.  It will be a time of adjustment for our family (Audrey included), but I feel good about where she is and the care she will receive while at Furman University.


The weeks leading up to her departure were filled with buying items for her dorm room, packing, and just trying to squeeze in as much quality time together as possible.

Her birthday is the beginning of September, and I’m so sad that it will be the first one that I won’t be with her to celebrate…so I planned an early birthday/ college sendoff celebration for her and our family the weekend before she left for college.


Before we left for dinner at a local restaurant that she has been wanting to go to for a while, I surprised her with six presents.  What she didn’t know was that each gift represented a letter to spell FURMAN.  It took her a bit to figure that out.  The first two presents that she opened were the A and the U…she thought we were spelling her name!

Of course the gifts were wrapped in Furman colors…purple and white.  Inside each box or bag was a clue as to what she was about to open.  Once the gift was revealed, there was another piece of card stock with a letter on it…those letters eventually spelled out FURMAN.




She opened them in random order, but I’ll share them in F U R M A N order…

F is for FOOTWEAR.  She had asked for these boots earlier this summer, and I think she was truly surprised when she opened them.  It was the last gift she opened, too…it was fun to see her excitement!



U is for umbrella.  I love this small one that I had monogrammed in her college colors…perfect for throwing in her backpack on those rainy days!



R is for Rogers…Jack Rogers sandals.  I know, I took some liberty with the alphabet here.  I really wanted to have a custom pair made for her in her school colors, so I worked it in there.  Aren’t they super cute and so southern?




M is for magazine subscription.  This girl snags my People magazine when it comes in the mail every week before I can even read it!  I know she will miss reading it, and it’s always fun to receive mail…so now she has her own subscription being sent to her at college.


A is for athletic shorts.  She’s looking forward to biking and walking the paths around the university, as well as checking out the physical activities center.


N is for notepads.  What college student doesn’t need them for their desk!


My rhyming skills may not be the best, but I know Audrey appreciated my efforts (and the presents).  It was a special night for our family to be together before she began her new adventure…college!


And I’m so glad Furman is just SIX letters!



friday’s favorites


My favorite things this week…


a trip to Easton Town Center that involved some Jeni’s Ice Cream…salted peanut butter with chocolate flecks and churro flavors


paraffin dip pedicures


the chef tasting at Element 112…and this was only three of our seven courses!


words that are helping me through this week


a visit to Tandem for crepes will be on our MUST DO list every time we visit Greenville

Happy weekend!


back to school


It’s that time of year again…some can’t wait for it and others wish for just one more week of summer with their kids!  And if you are like me, your mind oscillates between the two on any given summer day.  I love having my kids home, but I also need some structure to my life after almost three months without much of any.

I always try to make the first day of school extra special with a fun breakfast or an after-school snack.  It doesn’t take a lot to make the “everyday” a bit more meaningful…just adding a few extra touches to your table can turn a regular meal into something pretty fantastic for your loved ones!

Today I’m sharing table decorations that could be used for a back to school breakfast, lunch, or party.  This event was actually was for my high school daughter and her friends a few years ago…it was a luncheon for them following their semester exams.  However, these decorations could be used for any school-theme event!


This may surprise you, but I purchased most of these table decorations at our local school supply store.  As a former teacher, I’m quite familiar with these types of stores…I used to spend hours looking and buying items for my classroom!  It was so fun to shop there for these decorations, instead of the typical party supply store.


I started with a basic black tablecloth, and then I made a runner down the middle with red apple cutouts.  Their original purpose was to decorate a classroom bulletin board, but I think they made a colorful statement on the table.


On top of the apple runner, I placed glass jars and vases filled with school supplies…rulers, crayons, and markers…AND some fresh apples.


I used yellow incentive charts as placemats for the individual settings.  I cut them in half because they were too long…so I was able to get two placemats out of every chart.  Blank sentence strips were perfect for writing the guests’ names and then using as a place card.


I created fun displays for the utensils by wrapping them in black and red napkins, and then securing them with adhesive alphabet sticker strips


.  These were then placed in small, colorful, polka dot envelopes…the various exam subjects were written on the front of them.



Other small touches to the room included the tissue poofs and paper lanterns that hung from the light, as well as the decorated chalkboard and banner.





The food served that day was quite simple, but I think the decorations were what made it a bit more special!  And most of them came from a school supply store!!

Starting a new school year can be so exciting!  Good luck to everyone going back for another year of learning!!


pesto tortellini with sugar snap peas


This recipe has become my “go-to” this summer!

Three reasons…

  1. It is super quick and easy to throw together after a busy day.
  2. It is healthy.
  3. It has a great flavor, so everyone at my house eats it…those moms with more than one child know that’s a good thing when you can please most everyone!


When I say it is quick, it takes about 15 minutes to put this together…it actually takes longer to shop for the ingredients!


  • 8 cups chicken broth
  • 1 lb. fresh cheese tortellini
  • 12 oz.sugar snap peas
  • 4 Tbsp basil pesto
  • zest of one lemon
  • shaved Parmesan cheese, for serving




Bring the broth to a boil in a large pot.  Add the tortellini and reduce the heat to a simmer, allowing the tortellini to simmer until barely tender (approximately 5 minutes).


Add the sugar snap peas, and simmer until the tortellini and peas are tender (approximately 2 minutes).


Remove from the heat, and stir in the pesto and lemon zest.



Serve with the Parmesan cheese as garnish on top.


So simple, and another thing I like about this recipe is that it’s good any time of the year.  It’s really light in the summer, and the warm broth is perfect for winter!


What are you waiting on?  Get to the market to buy those ingredients and add it to your meal rotation…you won’t regret it!




friday’s favorites


My favorite things this week…


this fun, retro patched vest…reminds me of being a kid in the 70’s


watching her eat corn on the cob after having her braces removed…it was almost four years of slicing the corn OFF the cob in order to eat it


lunch at Grumpy’s


more back to school shopping…love this preppy, striped dress (so does she) and the beaded eiffel tower charm necklace (which she loves even more than the dress!)

Happy weekend!